Losing a reliable old pair of glasses can almost feel a little like losing a limb. You’re settled in to your glasses, they’re starting to feel like they’re becoming a part of you – but then they break. Or you lose them. Disaster!

Now I’m in no way comparing recovering from losing a limb to replacing your glasses, but it can be a real hassle finding a pair of specs that match the comfort of a pair you’ve owned previously.

But what if there was a way to deal with that? Some kind of machine you could use that could go back and undo the time your glasses became lost or broke?

Now if you were thinking of a time machine that’s probably still some way off. But we might be able to help with a whole different kind of machine:

Introducing the Best Fit Machine

The Best Fit Machine takes the hassle out of finding a pair of glasses that match the size and shape of your previous pair. All you need to do is navigate here and enter the relevant details! You can usually find the main measurements on the arm of your glasses, but if not you can take the measurements yourself:

Bridge width – this one’s pretty obvious, it’s the length of the frame that lies between the lenses.
Arm length – another easy one, the length of one of the arms from tip to temple.
Lens diameter – a little trickier, this is the horizontal width across one of the lenses.

Then hit FIND MATCHES and you’ll see a list of frames that we suggest you try. Of course – be sure to use the free home trial service first to be absolutely certain you like your new frames.

Give the Best Fit Machine a try. And let us know what you think – we would love to hear your feedback!