We sell eyewear, so we know that it’s crucially important to be able to see properly. One of the big hurdles to climb with selling glasses online is how to let our customers really see and feel the glasses they’re buying before they do.

When buying in a high street shop, people are free to get a really good look at their potential purchase – you try it on, you compare with other frames, you see what looks best.

That’s why we introduced the home trial service – so our customers can really see what they’re buying before they make their decision, just like they can in a shop.

But now we’ve made it a little easier to help you decide on what to try – every frame on our site features a fully rotatable set of images that let you see from every side. Just because there’s a screen in the way doesn’t mean you can’t have a proper good look!

Every pair of glasses can now be seen from 26 angles instead of the 2 angles that were available before (which meant we had to reshoot all of our frames – full credit goes to our photographer for the long hours spent in the studio!)


Try it for yourself!