These days eyewear comes in such a variety of shapes and styles that it’s easy to have a different pair of glasses for different occasions, outfits or even for each day of the week – why not?

Aviator, oval, cat eye, the choice is so extended that it’s almost impossible not to find glasses to fall in love with and that perfectly suit our face shape or taste. After all, glasses are that perfect addition to complete an outfit and make a fashion statement.

To help you find the perfect shape for you, we want to take you to a shape-by-shape journey divided in two parts, so stay tuned for more. We will also feature some of our favourite frames, to help you decide which frame shape is your favourite…


The Collection Stan Glasses Direct


When we think of aviator glasses, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Tom Cruise and the glasses he wore in the movie Top Gun, but we need to look at late 1930s if we want to go all the way back to the origin of aviator glasses. It’s during this time that teardrop shaped glasses started being used by pilots to protect their eyes – that’s where the shape name comes from. Over the years this frame shape became a true fashion icon, from Elvis to Jennifer Aniston so many celebrities have been spotted wearing aviators.

Aviator frames are quite wide, so it is an ideal shape for oblong or oval face shapes, while is not recommended for heart shaped faces. If you are thinking of giving aviator frames a go, take a look at Stan, made from a composite metal with plastic tips and nose pads. This frame is available in gunmetal, coffee or gold colours and it’s priced at £65. Alternatively, Cowboy has a smaller fit and is available in gold and gunmetal for £55.

The Collection Cowboy Glasses Direct


Have a look at our aviator frames.


The Round shape goes hand in hand with vintage style. This frame shape is back in fashion and it is perfect to add a statement to a classic outfit, as well as the perfect choice to go with more particular looks. It is recommended for square faces as it would help soften the angles and jaw line, while it’s not good for a round shaped face as this shape would accentuate round features.

Nancy by London Retro


London Retro’s Nancy or Reggie are great examples of a modern interpretation of a retro style, as well as Scout East, if oversized frames are your cup of tea!

Scout East

Scout East

Round frames are a recurrent choice in fashion, just think of icons like John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Johnny Depp, and the list goes on and on…

Reggie by London Retro


Are you intrigued by round shaped frames? Find out more about round frames.


Rectangular shaped frames are classic, but can also be bold and sporty, this is in fact a very versatile shape that can adapt to different styles and outfits, regardless of what material it is!

The Collection Oscar



It’s a great choice for round face shapes as it would make the facial features look longer and slimmer. Not, however, recommended for oblong or oval face shapes; narrow shapes tend to bring attention to face length.

Scout Nation

Scout Nation

Explore the world of rectangular frames, and if you are looking for some ideas, check out Oscar, Scout Nation or the Boutique rectangular frames if you are looking for something a little more premium.

This is the end of part one of our frame shape journey. Stay tuned for more…