Have you ever asked yourself what are the benefits of having two pairs of glasses instead of just one?

At Glasses Direct you can get a free second pair up to the same value when you shop frames £49+ (Boutique frames excluded) with our 2 for 1 from £49.

The reasons why it’s great to have 2 pairs of glasses are many, so we’ve decided to gather together a few… take a look.

With 2 pairs of glasses (one of them for free) you can:

1. Turn your free second pair into prescription sunglasses…

That’s right, you can decide to add dark tints for just £10, and transform your free second pair into prescription sunglasses. This way, you’ll always be prepared for the days when the sun comes out.

2. Be brave and finally get a frame shape you always wanted to try…

…but didn’t want to spend money on because you were not too convinced. Now you can get it as your free second pair, it’s as simple as that. You can leave behind the times when you were tired of always wearing the same pair of glasses. With our 2 for 1 glasses (Boutique frames excluded) you can decide to have both frames as prescription glasses, so why not choose two different styles and have a wider choice of frames to match your outfits?

4. Always have an extra pair…

This can come handy in case you break the pair you wear the most (it can happen that you accidentally sit/step on your glasses and somehow break them), alternatively you can leave your second pair in the car, at work or where you think it could be good to always keep an extra pair.

5. Have that frame you really – REALLY – love in two different colours

It must have happened to you to love an item of clothing or an accessory so much to want to get it in different colours. With our 2 for 1 glasses you can certainly do this. Pick a frame you love and if you like it in two different colours but don’t know which one to go for, then just pick both.

Are you thinking of other reasons why having 2 pairs of glasses is better than having 1? Just let us know with comments below!