When summer comes around, so does our desire to get outside and have fun playing sport. But what happens when you wear glasses? Can you really wear them? What are the risks and what can you do if you’re unwilling to give up Wednesday nights at the rec centre?

It’s undeniable that when summer comes around there’s an overwhelming need to play some sport while enjoying the sun. Gone are the days of having to kick a ball about in the dank cold, as longer days been more time spent winning.

Is it safe?

Firstly it’s important to ask yourself what kind of sport you’ll be playing. If it’s a contact sport like rugby, hockey and sometimes football, playing in eyewear can be extremely dangerous and you risk causing injury to your face or worse: your eyes. To protect yourself, you are best off seeking other forms of vision correction. Alternatively, a face mask or special goggles can help you out.

For non-contact sports like tennis, golf, bowling and running, your eyewear becomes less of a risk so you’re free to wear your regular glasses. That said, accidents can happen anytime, so we suggest getting a second pair and using it for sports.

Tips for choosing

When it comes to choosing the right pair, there are certain things to consider.

  • Comfort is definitely key
    • You don’t want to spend two hours wearing glasses that pinch.
  • Fit
    • You won’t want to keep adjusting your specs every ten minutes.
  • Material
    • Look for frames that are able to withstand some action (but nothing major). Polycarbonate frames are your best bet as they are most shock-absorbent when compared to other frames. Plastic and acetate frames are also good choices as they can withstand more impact than metal frames.
  • Other things to consider include making sure your glasses are light enough to run around in or to accompany your activity of choice for extended periods of time. And making sure your prescription is up to date. There’s nothing worse than showing up to play only to find that you’re struggling to see the game because your vision is quite what it could be.
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And of course when in doubt, speak with an optician who can offer you more solutions and alternatives. We have cool sporty frames from big names like Dunlop, Reebok, Oakley and more. Check out some of our sports styles here.

Top image: Poodar Chu