Did you know that wearing glasses to your interview could help nab you the role? In today’s post, we’re talking about this crazy theory.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the start of a new season or the fact that it brings memories of starting school again but whenever this time of year comes around, many feel like it’s time to start something new. Like starting a new job or changing career. If you do find yourself with an interview around the corner, you might be interested to know that wearing glasses could increase your chances of landing the job!

Really? This can’t be true

Well, according to a College of Optometrists (CoP) study, 43% of Brits interviewed think glasses make someone look more intelligent while 10% admit to wearing glasses to look more professional.

Why do people seem smarter in glasses?

This hasn’t always the case. In fact, for centuries following its invention, wearing glasses was considered a weakness as it meant your eyes weren’t as strong as others. Over time, however, wearing glasses came to mean that you needed your eyesight more than other people or that you held a profession that required you to be able to see fine details like an accountant or professor.

As to why glasses seem to make people appear smarter, we have television and film to blame for that. It was usually the nerdy types like the bookworms, maths genius and chess champions who wore glasses, and so we came to associate intelligence with glasses. That said, science seems to back this as a 1988 study that suggested that intelligent people are more likely to undertake tasks such as reading, which can affect eyesight.

Despite the appeal of wearing glasses, Dr Susan Blakeney, an Optometric Advisor to the CoP, reminds that glasses are for seeing clearly not just for looking good. She notes; “…it’s important to remember that regardless of fashion trends, wearing spectacles is about seeing clearly and comfortably.”

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Should I try this?

While this is not an exact science wearing a pair of glasses couldn’t hurt your prospects. That said, when preparing for your interview, make sure you know your stuff and have some good questions lined up.

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