We’re back with the latest instalment of our Find My Shape series. Today, square faces are taking centre stage as we talk about the best frames that suit and what to look out for in a new style. Read on to find out more!

Square faces are one of the most common face shapes and are said to have lots of character. Want to know something interesting? According to ancient Chinese face reading, square faces are confident and headstrong, natural born leaders who see big projects through to the end. Impressive!

Do you have a square face shape?

Finding your face shape is super simple. All you need to do is snap a photo of yourself facing the camera then trace the outline the edge of your face to see the shape. If you don’t have a camera, simply trace the outline of your face with an erasable pen (or anything that can easily be wiped off).


Square faces tend to have broad, deep foreheads with a wider jawline and square chin.

London Retro Albany Tortoise

Famous square faces

Square faces, you’re in good company as you share a face with celebrities like Lucy Liu, Rihanna and Michael Ealy.

Styles square faces should try

Curvy shapes will help soften the angles on your face. Look to round and oval styles for a truly flattering finish. Try these, you really won’t regret it.

Styles square faces should avoid

Taking that in mind, angular and square frames (especially thin ones) will only make your face look more square and pointy.

Scout Millie Pink Havana

Find the right frame

Be 100% certain of your frames with some of our innovative, helpful and most importantly, FREE, services. Try on frames without leaving your seat with our Virtual Try-On – all you need is a webcam. Alternately, our new Try-On View uses models with different face shapes and skin tones to help you see what frames could look like on. Or, if you’d rather touch and feel the frames, our free Home Trial is perfect. Try up to four frames for seven days in the comfort of your home, and then return them when you’re done.

Watch our video with blogger, Kate Winney as she demonstrates how to find your face shape and which frames will work for you.

It’s now time for you to explore glasses that’ll showcase your unique face shape. Want to learn more about other face shapes? Check out our face shape guide here.

Top image: Pixabay