We’re back with another instalment of our Find My Shape series. Today, it’s all about round faces and how to make this shape truly shine. Read on to find out more!

Look to some of the world’s most popular cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Power Puff Girls and Winnie the Pooh and you’ll see that round faces are one of the favoured face shapes. What’s more is that according to a story published on the BBC, more than one in ten people have round faces! It’s also best to note that some people with round faces can also be classed as having square faces if their jawline is squarer.

How to know if you have a round face

So how do you find out if you have a round face? Simply take a photo of yourself facing the camera then trace the outline the edge of your face to see the shape. If you’d rather not use a camera, trace the outline of your face on a mirror with an erasable marker (or anything that can come off easily).

What to look out for in round faces

Round faces are usually quite short, and have wider foreheads, often with fuller cheeks and a rounded chin.

Famous round faces

Wow, those with round faces are in good company. Just look to these talented musicians Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Usher.

Scout Charley Blue/Green

Styles to try

Add some length to your face with angular frames like square or rectangular styles that’ll give your round face sharper edges.

Styles to avoid

Frames that emulate your face (like round shapes) will make your face appear rounder and shorter. We also suggest staying away from extra small and oversized glasses.

London Retro Lucas Matte Tortoise

Find the right frame

So now that you know which frames best suit, how do you know if they’ll actually LOOK good? That’s where our innovative and totally free services can help. With our Virtual Try-On, you can try on hundreds of frames with nothing but a webcam. Don’t have a webcam? Our new Try-On View uses models of varying face shapes and skin tones so you can see what frames could look like on. Or why not check out our free Home Trial that lets you try up to four frames for seven days in the comfort of your home! Result.

Watch our video with blogger, Kate Winney as she demonstrates how to find your face shape and which frames will work for you.

It’s now time for you to explore glasses that’ll show off your face shape. Want to learn more about other face shapes? Check out our full face shape guide here.

Top image: Alex Knight