Happy 1st of November! In today’s post, we’re talking about our annual Big November: a month full of massive deals and savings. Read on so that you know what not to miss out on.

With Halloween behind us and Christmas and New Year’s Eve fast approaching (only 55 & 61 days respectively) it seems like the year is running away from us. But before we reach these major milestones, there’s one last special moment to focus on: Black Friday. To celebrate this day, we’re going big with our Big November. We know how complicated our offers can sometimes be, so we’re breaking everything down for you.

What can you expect?

You can expect to find November packed with a bunch of great offers happening throughout, culminating to reveal something spectacular on the big day! From special offers on Boutique frames, flash sales and more, there’s a lot to look forward to. Make sure you keep an eye on your inbox to know when each offer starts. Not yet subscribed? Sign up now, here.

Frames (top to bottom): Scout Vincent Black/Red, Scout East Sorbet, Scout Millie Pink Havana


We’ve answered some commonly asked questions surrounding Black Friday and our Big November promotions.

  • Where does Black Friday originate from?
    • Black Friday is an American shopping holiday that’s found its way across the pond. Black Friday typically happens the day after Thanksgiving which is always on the fourth Thursday of November.
  • When is Black Friday this year?
    • This year Black Friday takes place on November 23rd.
  • Why shop on Black Friday?
    • Shopping on Black Friday usually means you’ll find products reduced.
  • What makes Big November different?
    • Big November is different because instead of keeping all our deals for one day, we spread them out throughout the month so that our customers can enjoy great offers all month long.
  • Will the same offers appear all month long?
    • Nope. Though November will be full of offers, these individual offers won’t last for the duration of the month. So if you see an offer, act fast before you miss it.
  • When will these offers end?
    • As the name suggests, these great offers will end when November does. But don’t fret because like we said before, Christmas is right around the corner so you can expect more great offers soon.

Ready for the big month ahead? We’re kicking off November with something big tomorrow so make sure you remember to head over to Glasses Direct for the first of many big offers.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping and discover great frames at reduced prices!

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