2019 is shaping up to be a stylish year with a few key breakout stars to watch out for. Keen to know how to pair your Glasses Direct frames with these trends? We share all in today’s post.

It’s only mid-January, but 2019 looks like it’s set to be one of the most stylish years yet, thanks in part to last September’s SS19 shows during Fashion Week. In today’s post we’re taking a closer look at beige, tartan and coral, the colours and pattern you can expect to see in shop windows this year. Discover the frames that will match.


Remember when beige used to mean boring? Well for those who love minimal style, the reintroduction of this colour to the mainstream is a real breath of fresh air. But what glasses will complement this colour without looking too overpowering?

Tortoiseshell frames are the answer. Their natural blend of textured brown tones makes them the perfect accompaniment to any beige outfit. Plus, because tortoiseshell frames can come in varying shades and colours, they are more versatile and able to match with many pieces.

Tokyo Tom TT40


Tartan, also known as plaid, has been a designer favourite for the last couple of seasons and it shows no sign of slowing down. Whether you’ll be wearing it as a coat, blouse or shirt, it’s never been easier, or more fun, to style. When it comes to tartan you want to make sure your accessories are pared back and simple.

Enter clear frames (a favourite trend from 2018) and gold frames. The great thing about clear frames is that even though they can draw attention, because they are clear, they are a perfect neutral addition that helps bolster any look without being too overpowering. Gold frames are flattering against most skin tones so this one that won’t stand out too much and distract from the tartan print.

London Retro Fitzroy


You probably saw this one coming if you read our post on the colour of the year according to Pantone. Thanks to the colour wizards at Pantone, coral is having a major moment and will continue to do so throughout the year.


Though coral is a bit on the maximalist scale, there are still ways to pull it off effortlessly. Try teal green, blue and grey hues to soften the bright nature of coral. On the surface, these colours may seem to contrast, but trust us when we say the unexpected combination just works. Look on a colour wheel and you’ll see that teal sits opposite coral and is marked as a complementary colour. This also means that other colours in the blue-green family will pair nicely with orangey-pink hues like coral.

colour wheel
Aspire Arianna

What trends are you looking forward to styling this year? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our edit of frames that go nicely with these trends.

Top image: Thom Masat