May’s GD Book Worm Competition

Guys, its that time again. We want to hear what you're reading and what you think! So email us your hardback/paperback/Kindle reviews to along with a snap of you and your read to enter. We'll post your review and


Gorgeous Style Found for Scout Eyewear

We're loving the entries we're getting in for Scout's debut campaign. We'll be picking our favourite peeps on 9th June and the shoot will take place in and about London on 12th June where the winners will be working with


Adam Proops Reviews The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

'I grew up thinking that spy stories were terribly passé –derivative, obvious and crucially, lacking artistic merit. And what a terrible snob I was –only reading ‘real literature’ to the detriment of anything else. I cringe at the arrogance of


It’s Earth Day this week, don’t cha know.

You know what that means? Nope, we’re not joining Greenpeace and don’t expect you to either (you can if you want- send us a postcard or something). BUT, we are going to think long and hard about what we can


Bionic Bifocals:Google makes some goggles.

Here in the optical world, news that Google are working on "augmented reality eyewear" is being greeted with interest, granted, but it's the kind of interest you show when a neighbour announces they are, for example, going to convert all