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Jamie on TV

Our esteemed leader, Jamie Murray Wells, has been appearing recently on a couple of TV shows. Firstly on BBCs working lunch discussing the company and other matters (video only available until 26th november) Then reviewing some of the more interesting


Asymmetric Specs

I think I've got some pretty cool specs, but these are pretty damn trendy: Asymmetric glasses, the latest thing from Italian designers SugarKane. I'm not convinced I could carry them off, but I still think they're fantastic.


Halloween Horrors

Yes it might be scary out there on All Hallows Eve, opening your door to find a 4-foot devil demanding something sugary to satisfy his wicked tooth. Or more than likely these days finding a gaggle on your doorstep requesting


The optical hit list

Thought I'd just publish this little list of songs I found which are related to glasses and/or eyes. You will find a selection of them on our 'on-hold' music Let me know if you can think of any others you


PD’s and the real views of opticians

Image from zach_manchester In my last post I discussed some of the basic reasons that glasses are so expensive - cross subsidisation of the services offered by the glasses themselves (ie, they don't charge the true cost for eye tests,


Great glasses style advice video

Glasses - from pb on Vimeo This is a video from the San Francisco blog The presenter discusses different styles, touches on how to choose your glasses, and generally gives some ideas for glasses style. It has some