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Jamie on sky

Jamie appeared up on Sky again the other day to point out a few of the more unusual stories popping up around the internet.

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The worst TV ad ever?

All companies make mistakes in their advertising from time to time (I recall roping in Nancy Sorrell in 2005 as a one-time model which generated very little awareness for us and cost a fortune) but most companies learn from their

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Jamie on TV

Our esteemed leader, Jamie Murray Wells, has been appearing recently on a couple of TV shows. Firstly on BBCs working lunch discussing the company and other matters (video only available until 26th november) Then reviewing some of the more interesting

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Asymmetric Specs

I think I've got some pretty cool specs, but these are pretty damn trendy: Asymmetric glasses, the latest thing from Italian designers SugarKane. I'm not convinced I could carry them off, but I still think they're fantastic.

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Halloween Horrors

Yes it might be scary out there on All Hallows Eve, opening your door to find a 4-foot devil demanding something sugary to satisfy his wicked tooth. Or more than likely these days finding a gaggle on your doorstep requesting

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The optical hit list

Thought I'd just publish this little list of songs I found which are related to glasses and/or eyes. You will find a selection of them on our 'on-hold' music Let me know if you can think of any others you

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Britney, Lohan, Arnie & Bosworth – trying on specs

One major issue that lots of people have with trying glasses online is wondering what they'll look like on your face. At Glasses Direct we have the most advanced facial recognition software in the UK industry on our site -

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