Summer Must-Reads At The Ready

With the summer sun finally upon us (fingers crossed it stays!) it is time to start planning lovely long holidays and trips away. Whether you’re a fan of sunbathing, sightseeing, hiking or watersports there really is one travel companion no


May’s GD Book Worm Competition

Guys, its that time again. We want to hear what you're reading and what you think! So email us your hardback/paperback/Kindle reviews to along with a snap of you and your read to enter. We'll post your review and


Bionic Bifocals:Google makes some goggles.

Here in the optical world, news that Google are working on "augmented reality eyewear" is being greeted with interest, granted, but it's the kind of interest you show when a neighbour announces they are, for example, going to convert all


Nighy Gets Political.

An article in The Guardian this week has focused on the G20 summit currently taking place in Nice this week and among the items on the agenda has been the much publicised Robin Hood Tax. This is in no small


Getting Shizzy With Da Homie Dawgggs

As ever, we here at Glasses Direct are always keeping our musical ears to the ground for interesting music and videos and this artiste recently slipped onto our radar, mainly due to his cool video which seems to have been


Tint Me Up Before You Go Go

As I was laying on my sofa the other evening watching ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ two things struck me. Firstly, I wish I looked like Brad Pitt and secondly, why do movie stars always wear yellow tinted specs when casually


Are We Seeing The End Of Glasses As We Know It?

The question in the news right now is 'could glasses soon be history?' It turns out scientists have identified a gene that causes short-sightedness and have predicted they will reduce the number of individuals with short-sightedness within a decade. So


Glasses Direct In The Press: The Daily Telegraph

Check out Glasses Direct as one of the five recommended ways to save money on your eye care in The Daily Telegraph...  Sticking to these tips can save you hundreds of pounds on eye tests and products. The article highlights