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Copy Kylie’s ‘Harry Potter glasses’ look!

We saw a magic photo of Kylie in last night’s London Lite, wearing some kooky Harry Potter style glasses and we wanted to let you know that you can steal Kylie’s style (and probably for less!) with some fabulous frames

Royal Mail Strike Action

Updated 3rd of November: Shop with complete confidence at Glasses Direct during the Royal Mail strikes and get FREE DELIVERY until midnight monday You can be assured that your glasses will arrive – not only have Royal Mail provided that

Help Us With Some Research

Image courtesy of photon_de If anyone in London fancies coming in to help us out with some research on new functionality, then we have some slots left. It will be in our baker street offices, and should last around an

Glasses Direct customers donate £8,610 to Orbis

Orbis is a nonprofit organization fighting blindness in developing countries, where 90 percent of the blind reside and yet 80 percent of those 45 million people suffer needlessly because their blindness is curable - often easily and quickly with the