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  • Find My Shape: The Heart Face Shape Guide

    We’re back with the last instalment of our Find My Shape series. We’re ending the series with a spotlight on heart-shaped faces. Read on to find out more! You could say we left

  • Find My Shape: The Round Face Shape Guide

    We’re back with another instalment of our Find My Shape series. Today, it’s all about round faces and how to make this shape truly shine. Read on to find out more! Look to

  • Find My Shape: The Square Face Shape Guide

    We’re back with the latest instalment of our Find My Shape series. Today, square faces are taking centre stage as we talk about the best frames that suit and what to look out for

Ditch Bland Contacts For Cool Glasses

July 8th, 2010|

Get in line contact lens wearers and hear me out. I understand that you think contacts are convenient but what about jazzing up your look? Contact lenses certainly won’t do that I’m afraid! Take a stand and be a trend

Glasses Direct In The Press: The Times

July 6th, 2010|

You can certainly have a lot of fun with your glasses and this article in The Times shows off just a few bold numbers you can choose from. Check out these John Lennon JL09B specs from Glasses Direct's enviable collection...

Glasses Direct In The Press: Love It!

June 24th, 2010|

You Love It! readers out there had the chance to win a pair of stunning Missoni 671 sunnies from Glasses Direct, who have worked hard to offer a mouth watering collection of designer eyewear for customers. Twists and knots in

Get The Celebrity Look: Cat-Eye Specs

June 8th, 2010|

If you want to be right on-trend with your specs, why not go for a stylish cat-eye pair? Create that perfect business look or that envious designer style with a great pair of specs! Check out Leona Lewis with her

Glasses Direct In The press

June 2nd, 2010|

Check out our latest coverage, capturing a number of our hottest glasses from our amazing designer brand collections! Take a peek at our stunning Chloe sunnies in Look magazine and sunglasses from Giorgio Armani, Chloe and Jigsaw in The Independent

Glasses Direct Turns Six

May 28th, 2010|

Glasses Direct has grown up into a strong, popular, charming and loyal six year old. We have gone from distributing 100 pairs a day, to a pair of glasses every few minutes and the company has saved customers up to