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  • Are Your Eyes Okay for Driving?

    Having good vision is always important, but never more so than when you’re behind the wheel. In today’s post, we take a look at the dangers of driving with poor vision. For World

  • Bifocals or Varifocals? Everything You Need To Know

    We understand that when it comes to eyes, everyone has different need and requirements. That’s why in today’s post we’re exploring two types of lenses: bifocals and varifocals. To bifocal or to varifocal?

  • The History of Boxing Day

    Ever wondered how Boxing Day got its name? Or why it takes place the day after Christmas? In today’s post, we’re looking at the history of the day. While you’re busy tucking into

Westonbirt School Talk & Money Raised For Orbis

November 1st, 2010|

Last week I visited Westonbirt school near Glasses Direct's birthplace in Gloucestershire, to speak to the pupils about how I started the online company at university, and the story of how we have got to where we are today. I'm

Do You Have Something To Hide?

October 28th, 2010|

Wayne Rooney, David Arquette and Tiger Woods all have something in common. Aside from the fact each one of these stars has been allegedly unfaithful to their wives in the last 12 months (that we know of) they also all

Tint Me Up Before You Go Go

September 23rd, 2010|

As I was laying on my sofa the other evening watching ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ two things struck me. Firstly, I wish I looked like Brad Pitt and secondly, why do movie stars always wear yellow tinted specs when casually

Are We Seeing The End Of Glasses As We Know It?

September 15th, 2010|

The question in the news right now is 'could glasses soon be history?' It turns out scientists have identified a gene that causes short-sightedness and have predicted they will reduce the number of individuals with short-sightedness within a decade. So

David Beckham’s New Specs

September 13th, 2010|

It appears that even David Beckham can't resist a pair of geek chic specs! The thick black frames have also been worn by celebs including Myleene Klass and Justin Timberlake. Fancy a pair? See our stylish retro collection for a

Glasses Direct In The Press: Sunday Times Style

September 8th, 2010|

See Jamie Murray Wells in the weekend's Sunday Times Style magazine alongside a carefully selected group of other successful individuals in their twenties. This interesting article describes the notion of  'Generation Y' and how these could be the ones shaking

New Frame Design By Prada

September 8th, 2010|

Check out this very cool new frame design from Prada's eyewear collection spotted in the Evening Standard and Grazia magazine today. You can view our retro frame collection here.

Top Tips: How Often Should You Have An Eye Test?

September 6th, 2010|

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