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Oldman up for Oscar- About time to!

Reported in today’s London Metro, British actor Gary Oldman has been nominated for an Oscar. We actually find it quite surprising that the massively talented and respected actor hasn’t won as Oscar yetm let alone receive a nomination.

We Go Green in 2012 with Element.

Above: She wears 'Miller'. With disposable consumerism seemingly reaching an all-time high, we felt compelled to look into a way of keeping our carbon footprint’s mileage down, so when we came across eclectic eyewear brand Element we were pretty chuffed. Not

Native Tongue for London Retro

We've always got our ear to the ground when it comes to whats new and great. So when we first heard East London band; Native Tongue we knew that we stumbled across a good thing. We had a quick catch up with the

J Crew’s Jenna Lyons on Imperfect Perfection.

Aside the spot light hitting Jenna Lyons’ marital status, rather than her undeniable talent, the J Crew creative director still remains one of the most influential women in fashion. Now, in a newly-released interview, the spec-wearing genius of dress-down chic,