The focus in the Americas (North and South) has been on finding ways to reach as many people, especially children, as possible.

A big focus has been placed on students and young people in America, with the amount of children being screened increasing by up to 25,000. These screenings have had an important impact on the lives of many. Take a closer look at some of the countries Vision For Life and partners have helped on the continent.



Access to students in schools has meant more children are being screened for vision impairments. Screenings that have resulted in treatments, have led to students’ increased self-confidence and academic performance, in turn setting them up for brighter futures.


In the lead up to the 2016 Olympic Games, Vision For Life helped many young aspiring athletes to see by giving them their first pair of glasses, as well as introducing them to some of their athlete heroes. Vision Ambassadors helped improved access to eye care, especially for those living in underserved areas in the country.



An estimated 10 million of Colombia’s 49 million people need vision correction but don’t have it – that means one in five Colombians can’t see clearly. Vision For Life, in partnership with non-profit organisation, Volver Foundation, has made it an objective to change this since Volver’s launch in 2011. Since then volunteers have tested over 100,000 people from low-income communities, and 60,000 pairs of free glasses have been donated to those in need.

Dominican Republic

Volunteers from Essilor Canada partnered with local eyecare professionals to set up screening stations to examine over 250 children in Punta Cana for vision problems. All the children received plano sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, while those needing vision correction were given glasses by local partners. What’s more, the school was also given supplies and recreational equipment such as swing sets, seesaws and basketball nets.


The Essilor Group has been a committed partner since 2002 to the Special Olympics.
As exclusive lens supplier to the Special Olympics Opening Eyes program with Lions Club International, Essilor has enabled more than 180,000 athletes to benefit from corrective lenses and equipment to protect their vision during their sports activities as well as visual health advice at events organized across the world, including Canada. Essilor Canada has been volunteering with the Special Olympics since 2014.

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