Despite being one of the most developed continents in the world, Europe still finds itself grappling with vision issues such as disadvantaged communities and minorities going without vision correction to a high number of road traffic accidents.

A series of campaigns have been launched that enabled and offered vision. These opened and created a dialogue to help raise awareness for the number of people who have not had their vision tested. These campaigns have helped significantly to draw attention to the problems at hand.



With around 40% of school children not receiving glasses or other forms of vision correction following a diagnosis, Vision For Life™, together with the Ministry of National Education, launched a program that trained school nurses and doctors on the importance of vision, who in turn could then speak with parents.


To combat the high numbers of road accidents caused by vision impaired drivers (an estimated 1.5 million drivers have never had their eyes tested) Essilor initiated the #DrivingBlind campaign to prevent the almost 3000 yearly casualties, which encouraged drivers to get their eyes tested.

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